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Don’t have a lot of time to prep for your AP exams?

CLC Cram Courses are a quick  way to review 
the most frequently tested content on the exams and learn how to test smarter.

AP Exam Crams

 CLC subject-area experts use real AP questions from past exams to provide a keen understanding of the test format and content, to help clear any points of ambiguity, and to polish the student’s skill set necessary for best results.       

      AP Exam Cram students take their exams with more confidence and earn college credit!

       AP Exam Crams are two,  2.5-hour review sessions that help students get ready for their AP tests.  Our experienced, knowledgeable instructors        highlight the most important topics to ensure that students are ready to excel on test day.


Why should you sign up?

  • AP Exam Cram students get higher AP scores and, oftentimes, college credits

  • Instructors discus the most important topics (especially material from earlier in the year that hasn’t been reviewed in class recently)

  • Each student receives a comprehensive review packet that they’ll reference during the Cram, and afterwards for efficient studying

  • Instructors are intimately familiar with the subject matter

  • Only $375 for the two, 2.5-hour session and study packet


Cost $375 per course.  Each course meets for 2.5 hours each week

No makeup classes available 

Minimum of 4 students enrolled to run a class

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