is the key to success



Avoid cramming for AP exams

Prepare over several weeks and score a 5! 

 According to survey results released by NACAC––National Association of college Admissions College Counseling––a student’s high school record is the most important factor in college admission decisions

Having AP courses on your transcript indicates that the you can handle college-level coursework, and demonstrates strength of your curriculum. Most importantly, you may receive college credit if you earn a 4 or 5 on your AP exam,   


CLC’s comprehensive AP review courses cover the units students studied in their AP classes, give them the skills they need for their AP Exams. Our courses include the latest test-taking strategies –when and how to guess correctly– and use real AP practice questions and exams, all of which have proven to raise students’ test scores!


Our past students report that the valuable skills they learned at CLC helped them not only on their AP exams but also on their college exams as well.

Cost $1300 per course.  Each course meets for 2.0 hours each week

No classes during April break 4/14/19 - 4/21/19 or Mother's Day 5/12/19 (Class will be held Saturday 5/11)

No makeup classes for any missed sessions. If a student misses a class, a private tutoring session is recommended but not required.

**Must have a minimum of 4 students to run a class

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