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Why CLC?

A positive Experience!

While the college search process ought to be a positive, enjoyable, educational experience, oftentimes it becomes a daunting, overwhelming challenge that high school juniors and seniors and their parents dread and struggle to survive.  As the process begins, students, now at the bridge between high school and college, and adolescence and young adulthood, have a remarkable range of options before them, so it is a shame when the excitement of the college search turns instead to anxiety.  While no sure-fire way exists to eliminate anxiety completely, at CLC we believe proper planning combined with a realistic and appropriate attitude can go a long way to minimizing that anxiety.

Our goal is simple: increase the college readiness of our students so they can get into the college of their dreams.

Chappaqua Learning Center specializes in all aspects of the college preparation process. Judy evaluates students grades, test scores, activities, resumes and portfolios to suggest and implement changes that boost students' college competitiveness so that they can gain entry to the top colleges.

Chappaqua Learning Center's Judy Suchman is an Educational Planner with more than 35 years of experience in guiding students through their college planning and application process.

Judy helps students set their educational goals and position themselves for success as they enter the competitive college admissions process.

Targeting each student's unique needs, she provides the expertise to open appropriate educational opportunities

Judy guides her students to make informed decisions about their goals


Here is what Judy will do to help your student develop an edge in admissions

  • Identify best-fit' colleges

  • Organize activity resume

  • Brainstorm application ideas

  • Guide student to write winning essays

  • Review applications

  • Prepare student for effective college visits & interviews

  • Communicate with college admissions when appropriate




Our families continue to tell us what we do best: we take the stress out of college-planning and give their children an edge. 


College Planning

can be 



CLC has the solution

Ready to move to the front of the class?

Let's discuss a custom learning strategy that will get your student on a path to success. 

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