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Summer JumpStart Tutoring

School may be out for the summer,

but learning never stops

The Equivalent of One Month of Overall Learning is Lost Over the Summer—Jump Start Your Success. Don't be Part of the Statistics!

The statistics are bad (see stats below). Instead of falling behind, get a jump start on the school year with our Summer JumpStart tutoring. We will build your student a customized program designed to

  • Maintain the continuity of education

  • Stimulate the brain

  • Improve upon a student's strengths

  • Reduce a student's weaknesses

The best part is it's all customized to your student! We offer flexible scheduling and an individualized approach that will help to ensure success. 

Here are the Statistics:

  • 2.6 months of math skills are lost over the summer

  • Six weeks in the fall are spent re-learning old material to make up for summer learning losses

  • Two month of reading skills are lost over the summer

  • 2-3 hours per week during summer vacation are needed to prevent any learning loss

  • As early as first grade, summer learning loss is recognized

  • Two months of subject-focused learning is all it takes to improve specific learning skills

  • By the end of sixth grade, students who have experienced summer learning loss over the years are an average of 2 years behind their peers

  • Two thirds of the income-based achievement gap is attributed to summer learning loss by the start of high school

  • It can take up to 2 months from the first day of school for a students brain development to get back on track

The Good News — We Can Help!

During the summer, Chappaqua Learning Center helps students get a jump start on the academic year by preparing them for their hardest courses. Our expert instructors carefully explain the core content of courses, giving students the insights and tools needed to excel as soon as school begins.

Imagine! Your student will get the opportunity to prepare ahead for the school year, and then achieve top grades once school begins after having acquired a strong understanding of the upcoming curriculum. Sessions offered are one-on-one. We’ll make the first several weeks of class seem like a review.

JumpStart sessions are also tailored for students doing a extracurricular activities in the fall, specifically when their after school study time is limited.  Whether your child is an athlete, equestrian or ice skater, he or she can get ahead of the class and master subjects prior to to the start of the school year.

Our summer JumpStart programs introduce essential knowledge that will set the tone for the school-year course work. When students want a maximum level of comfort in their math, science, English, history, or foreign language classes, our JumpStart programs  do the trick.

Comfort = Knowledge + Insight. Our students feel reassured before their first class of the year because our JumpStarts have paved the way!

Ready to move to the front of the class?

Let's discuss a custom learning strategy that will get your student on a path to success. 

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