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Congratulations to all of our students

Congratulations to all CLC’s students as they celebrate these much deserved milestones. I know the sacrifices that all of you have made to reach this point. Now that you have received your acceptances and a few wait-lists you should feel proud of your accomplishments and bask in the glory of all that awaits you.

Each of you will forever be part of the CLC family. With great joy, we not only taught you but also learned from you and now watch as you reap the rewards of all the hard work you put into reaching your personal goals. You persevered through challenges and mastered valuable skills that will last your lifetimes.

Best wishes in your future endeavors at the colleges of your choice: Cornell, Duke, Eastern Connecticut State, Georgetown, High Point, Hofstra, Indian University, Lehigh, Notre Dame, Tufts, University of Miami, University of Pennsylvania, Wake Forest, Washington University in St Louis, and all those yet to come in the next few weeks.

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