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Colleges Where Demonstrated Interest is Important or Very Important

Planning your spring break visits to colleges? Trying to understand how important demonstrated interest is for a college/university you're considering? Then check out our list of institutions where demonstrated interest is deemed important or very important.

To compile the list, we've identified every school in our coverage universe where the Common Data Set entry for "level of applicant's interest" is reported as important or very important. Note that the Common Data set defines four options—very important, important, considered and not considered—and that inconsistencies are likely to exist in the way colleges define these terms. For example, many of you wonder why Tulane isn't listed, and that's because they've indicated that level of applicant interest is only "considered."

Nevertheless, the list remains a great way to get a better sense for where visiting a campus, taking advantage of an optional interview or completing an optional essay prompt may more strongly weigh on your candidacy for admission.

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