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Starting in June 03, 2019, the New York State Board of Regents will be rolling out the new tenth grade Global History & Geography II Regents Examination, which is aligned with the Common Core. Below is some important information regarding this new examination. Please read over this section very carefully so you know exactly what to expect when your students take the new Global History & Geography II Regents Examination on Monday, June 3rd of their Sophomore year.

TWO EXAMS WILL BE ADMINISTERED IN JUNE OF 2019: The Transition Exam vs. the Global History & Geography II Regents Exam

At this point, there are TWO different Global History exams that ALL Sophomore students will take beginning in June 2019. The first is the newly formatted Global History & Geography II Regents Exam on Monday, June 3rd, 2019 and the second is the Transition Exam on Thursday, June 20th, 2019.

Global History & Geography II Exam Format:30 Multiple Choice Questions, Short

Answer Constructed Response Questions, 1 Enduring Issues Essay. This format is completely new and I will provide more details about it later on in this post.

Transition Exam Format:30 Multiple Choice Questions, 1 Thematic Essay, DBQ Scaffolding & Essay. This format is very similar to what the Global History & Geography Regents Examination has looked like for over 10 years.

Testable Material:

The Transition Exam and Global History & Geography II Regents Examination will test students on material ONLY from the Sophomore year curriculum. The earliest topics found on the examination include the Scientific Revolution and Age of Absolutism (1650 C.E.). The Sophomore year curriculum will cover material from world civilizations, empires, and nations up through the late 20th century.

***The only material from Freshman year that potentially might show up on the new examination is information about World Religions (Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, Daoism, Legalism).

New Global History & Geography II Regents Examination Format:

Part I:30 Multiple Choice Questions

Starting in June 2019, ALLof the multiple-choice questions will include some sort of visual / textual prompt. Types of prompts include maps, charts, diagrams, political cartoons, photographs, and excerpts from both primary and secondary sources. Students will be expected to use information from the prompts to answer the

multiple-choice questions.

Part II:Short Answer ConstructedResponse Questions (CRQs)

Students will be given 3 Sets of 2 Documents (visual and textual)and asked a series of historical questions about the documents. The subject matter of these questions will range from historical context, audience, purpose, point of view, bias… etc.

Part III:Enduring Issues Essay

Students will be given 5 Documents (visual and textual)and asked to figure out themes that connect the documents together. Students will write a multi-paragraph essayabout these themes and how they connect the documents together.

Transition Exam & Global History & Geography II Regents Examination Timeline:

If you have any questions regarding when and for how long these two examinations will be administered, please review the information found in the link below:

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