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From the desk of Founder & Director Judy Suchman In the wake of the Admissions Scandal

In the wake of the admissions debacle revealed by the FBI–––the largest college admissions scam ever prosecuted––many prospective college applicants and their families are now questioning the efficacy of the college admissions process. While no scandal is pretty, this one is particularly ugly because it involves children, most of whom, I suspect, were completely unaware of their parents' involvement. The behavior of one corrupt college advisor, several SAT and ACT test proctors, college coaches and parents should not impact the entire college admissions process and the independent counselor professionals who adhere to strict ethical standards and do not violate the trust between IECs and the families with whom they work.

Judy Suchman, Chappaqua Learning Center's director and founder, would like to take this opportunity to remind all students and parents that cheating in the college admissions process is a very serious matter and can have extreme consequences, including but not limited to revoked acceptances. CLC’s counseling staff knows how to guide our students to stand out on their own in the college admissions process. We help students further their interests and develop their passions in truly genuine ways. When choosing an independent consultant, it is crucial to work with someone who upholds the ethical standards of NACAC. HECA, and/or IECA and doesn’t offer admission guarantees.

As a member of NACAC, HECA and the New York State High School Counselor's Association, I am available to guide you and your student through the entire college application and admission process.

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