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Benefits of Summer Tutoring

How Your Child Can Benefit from Summer Tutoring

Contrary to popular belief, tutoring isn't just for students who struggle in the classroom. Enrolling your children in summer tutoring can help them even if they typically get good grades.

Prevent the Summer Slide

The summer slide is one of the biggest problems students, teachers, and parents face every summer. Basically, the summer slide refers to a summer learning loss students suffer on their break from school if they don't keep their mind academically engaged. Students don't have to take on a full load of summer classes to prevent a regression in academics. Simple math, reading, and writing practice can help keep the summer slide at bay. One great way to avoid having your child be affected by this learning loss is by signing him or her up for summer tutoring. Tutoring classes will help ensure your child uses the knowledge learned during the school year and even build on it.

Strengthen Weak Areas

If your child did struggle with a subject or a lesson within a subject during the school year, summer tutoring can help strengthen that base. With the new school year approaching quickly, it's important that you take advantage of the summer months to ensure your child doesn’t feel lost upon returning to school. Help make the transition into a new grade level easier with summer tutoring.

Improve Your Child's Confidence

When children struggle to understand a lesson in the classroom they may be too shy or embarrassed to ask for help in front of their peers. This can lead to their falling behind even more and can even result in a loss of confidence. Children who don't understand concepts or formulas are more likely to stop participating and lose confidence in themselves and their abilities. Help restore your child's confidence in and out of the classroom with tutoring this summer. Not only will your child catch up on school lessons, but he or she will also be more excited to head back to school and continue learning.

Tutoring in Powder Springs

Help your child make the most of their summer break with summer tutoring! Contact Chappaqua Learning Center to help your child be as prepared as possible for the new school year the new school year. Be sure to check out our website www.chappaqualearning and remember that it's never too late to start tutorin

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